About us

With 9+ years of experience in the disability sector, Manal Trivedi established Dhyana care to offer a new style of support and another level of opportunity for those navigating the NDIS system.

Let me Introduce Ourself

Welcome to
Dhyana Care

We provides home-based care services including innovative community participation, assist life stage transition and social care services, focuses on providing a full range of non-medical services, lifestyle and health that enable people with disabilities to remain independent in their homes.

Manal is passionate about the principles of social inclusion and the human rights framework, from which the root cause of dhyana care comes from. In her life she used to work as a support worker, team leader .manal has experience in the field of disability, from government agencies to non-profit service providers – her knowledge and understanding of NDIS is as broad as her experience. Specific areas of expertise include support participants living with a mental disability, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Acquired Brain Injuries, Cerebral Palsy and Physical Disabilities, staff and project management.

Years Of Experiences

Our Organization

Work with honesty, dedication and without prejudice. Provide quality and sustainable services that suit our clients.

Our Mission

Create a dynamic environment ”for personal growth and the ability" to think outside the square.

Our Vision

Creating an inclusive world built on trust, respect and equality, where people with disabilities live the lives they choose.

Our Statistics

Our Key Factors

Choice and Control

“Your Choice of Care” Dhyana Care is flexible in providing care quality and understands the importance of participant selection and management of support delivery. At Dhayana Care, you manage all your supports


‘‘ We are all the same ’’ At Dhyana Care, we have enthusiastic staff of different cultures who are proud of what they do. We have created an inclusive environment that promotes equality for all stakeholders and staff.

Participant Focus

“Focus on what the participant wants, and we deliver” Dhyana Care has been able to understand the Participant’s focus and that our job is to focus on what the participant wants and support them with the best possible outcome.


“Accept the pace of your journey.” Everyone has their own journey and their own way of reaching their goals, we are here to go through this journey with you and support your growth.


See Our Client Says

Great problem-solving skills and the ability to adapt and act accordingly to situations. Good time management skills to be able to support the needs of multiple people. The ability to keep up with changing standards and codes of conduct in the social care sector.

Patient, flexible and understanding. Supportive and caring nature. Commitment to the rights of people with disabilities to live dignified lives. Able to accept responsibility. Able to work as part of a team. Able to cope with the physical demands of the job.